What I’m thankful for (an incomplete list):

Family who do not measure love by the number of dishes cooked from scratch.

Sam Taylor’s Bar-B-Q, StoveTop stuffing, and Frances Lively, who happened to give us cranberry chutney last week.

My nerd family, where turkey is followed by pie which is followed by laptop time:

The people who make Hot Chillys long underwear, which made it possible to run off at least 42 of the 10,000 calories I consumed today.

The dogs, for making the clean up go so quickly.

All of the people willing to do the hard work so that the rest of us can be safe and free: servicemembers, peace officers, and lawyers who represent the unpopular and the condemned and take crap for it.

Speakers of truth to power.

Writers who make me think.

Co-counsel who laugh at the absurdities of law.

And always and most of all, Tim.

4 thoughts on “What I’m thankful for (an incomplete list):

  1. Blueloom

    “Family who do not measure love by the number of dishes cooked from scratch.”

    Amen! “Mrs. Smith” (you can find her hiding out in the freezer at your local grocery store) makes great pie shells. All I have to do is make the filling (easy) and sprinkle on the streusel topping (also easy). The ability to make pie crusts is genetic, and when I had my DNA sequenced (for a different purpose) a few years ago, the report particularly noted the absence of the pie-crust gene. I wasn’t surprised, since my mother didn’t make pies either.

    So I am thankful for Mrs. Smith, as well as for Amy, Tim, Nora, Denver, Andy, Bruce, Terri, Christian, Petra, Dan & family, Adam, Miriam & Neil, Jeff & Adrienne, Rodney & Donna, Gregory & Annie (and family), my now-deceased but ever in memory aunts & uncles, Peter (who was my first husband and subsequently, for the rest of his life, my best friend), and of course David.


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