What is it about Mountain Time that confuses coastal peeps?

There are 4 time zones.  If you’re from the East Coast, they go -1, -2, and -3.  If you’re from the West Coast, they go +1, +2, and +3.  It’s as if east coasters say, “I can subtract 1 and I can subtract 3, but subtracting 2 just baffles me!”  And the equivalent for west coasters.

A woman stopped me in the Denver airport yesterday and asked the time.  I told her.  She reacted with great skepticism and confusion because the answer I gave (“4:15,” for the record) did not fall into one of the time zones of which she was aware.  So she demanded an explanation of how this bizarre Land of the Mountains related to other, better known, time zones.  Seriously, we had to have that discussion, while I justified the existence of our little chronological slice of the country.

And don’t get me started on the networks that tell you the show is at 9:00, 8:00 Central, and 6:00 Pacific.  Um, guys? Hellooooo?

If you can successfully count to 4 without missing any numbers, you can figure out Mountain Time.

Beautiful as our mountains are, I think we need a better name.  No one, but no one, will ever loose track of Craft Beer Time.

6 thoughts on “What is it about Mountain Time that confuses coastal peeps?

  1. Brob

    I’m going to simplify this for you Ames. The US has one time zone…eastern time. Everyone else has to translate. So the correct answer to the woman in the airport was “2:15.”


  2. Brob

    Shit I just dug my own grave. Correct answer is 6:15. It’s only 5:47 MT. I’m not awake enough to be commenting or doing math.


    1. Amy Robertson Post author

      Ladies and Gentlemen, Exhibit A: my brother, with degrees (BA, BS, PhD and MBA) in math, engineering, and business, cannot figure out Mountain Time.

      (Sorry, Brob, I was, of course, required by the Official Rules of Big Sisterdom, to make fun of your answer. Love you!)


  3. Brob

    Um, big sis, I think that’s MY exhibit A. Despite more degrees than a thermometer in Phoenix in August I cannot possibly calculate this bizarre two hour time difference. It’s right up there with the 8 1/2 hour time difference with India for incalculability.



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