Vocabulary Win

My opposing counsel called me a snake.  Which was fine, because it permitted me to use the phrase “herpetological invective” in my reply email.  #nerdsrule

Update with this thought:  I might just need to revise my ADA Defense Counsel Bingo card to include “complete snake.”  (Yes, I’m not just a partial snake, folks, I’m a complete snake, which is much more effective for slithering purposes.)

2 thoughts on “Vocabulary Win

  1. BlueLoom

    OK, I have to tell my favorite Amy & snake story. When we lived in Jefferson City, MO (1963-1967), there was a neighborhood kid who probably grew up to be an ax murderer or something like that (truly: he liked to torture animals and younger kids). One day he had a snake–common, harmless garden snake. He rushed up to Amy (at least 4-6 years younger than he was), ready to wave the snake in her face. Fortunately, I* was with her at the time and said, “Oh, look, Amy–a snake!” (in a very cheerful voice, of course). She said to Future Ax Murderer, “Oh, can I hold it?” Talk about how to deflate a future ax murderer!

    Amy got her “herpetological invective” training early, and it has obviously stood her in good stead.
    * I = Amy’s mom



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