Image: White woman with short salt & pepper hair and glasses with black frames standing in a grassy area holding a large golden retriever puppy with it tongue hanging out. I’m a civil rights lawyer and dog lover living in Denver, Colorado.  My husband and I founded the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center (CREEC) in 2013 after 17 years of plaintiffs’ civil rights practice as Fox & Robertson.  If you would like to support CREEC and its civil rights mission, toss a coin or two in our direction!

Here is a quick list of things I’m more or less unequivocally for or against, so you can put me on your own personal political spectrum:

  • Vigorously enforced civil rights laws and regulations:  for.
  • Marriage equality:  for.
  • Single-payer national health care:  for.
  • President Obama:  for/deeply nostalgic.
  • The Democratic Party:  for.
  • The Republican Party: against/terrified for the future of the world as we know it.
  • Racial and religious profiling:  against.
  • Hate speech laws:  against.
  • Respecting other people and their beliefs when you speak:  for.
  • Pretending you’re opposing “political correctness” when in fact you just want license to be an asshole:  against.
  • The Constitution:  for.
  • Pretending the Constitution is only open to a single interpretation:  against.
  • Abortion: against.
  • “Pro-life” politicians who vote to curtail health care:  against.
  • Robust and inclusive immigration policy:  for.
  • Legalization of most recreational drugs:  for.
  • Right wing politicians who talk about family values but sexually harass their co-workers or try to pick up other men in restrooms:  against in principle, but for in the sense that they provide good blog fodder.

One thought on “About

  1. peacefulhands9

    One of my Denver friends forwarded your blog to me, because she knew I would enjoy your post on baseball and your attempt to sell the Rockies. She was right … but I found many other posts and thoughts to enjoy. Glad to have discovered you!

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