Socialism and basketball and other unrelated topics

Just curious – how many of the folks whining about LeBron James are also accusing Obama of socialism?

Sure it’s true that the All LaBron All The Time media programing was fairly nauseating, but the man simply did what we’re all supposed to do in a capitalist system:  negotiate at arm’s* length to get the best deal.

So James is supposed to redistribute his basketball talent to Cleveland, while Obama is supposed to, what?, protect the good capitalists at the insurance companies from sick people?

Apparently the biggest accusation of socialism against Obama is that we’re going to be required to sign up for health insurance.  (Please don’t tell me it’s the bailout – initiated by and necessitated by the ineptness of his predecessor.)  We can’t have a system that covers everyone regardless of preexisting condition if you can wait until your condition preexists to sign up.  No one would buy insurance until they need it.  The only rational alternative would be to refuse health care to formerly heathy people who suddenly find themselves sick – which would be fine by the newly anti-socialist sign-misspellers  . . .  until they get sick, at which point the illness itself would be Obama’s fault.  Really, teabaggers. would you rather pay for universal preventive care or massively expensive emergency care?  Or just let people die?  Very pro-life of you.  (More on that later.)

And another thing!  Isn’t health care really part of our national defense?  I mean, when we say we’re defending America, what the heck are we defending if not Americans?  Certainly not just American soil, because most folks don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to the soil, the air, the trees, the animals, the ocean, etc etc.  And the opponents of health care can’t possibly mean they’re defending the American constitution – they’re perfectly happy to toss that out the window in an effort to secure the image of toughness abroad and a hetero monopoly on marriage at home.

No, dammit, when we think of defense spending, we should think about what it really takes to defend the American people, for example, making sure we don’t die in a terrorist attack AND making sure we don’t die because some bureaucrat denies our chemo claim one too many times.

Now this is why I love blogging.  Not only did I not have to have a point, see (as we say in the law biz) supra, but I also don’t need to draw this all together with some sort of concluding sentence that manages to connect LeBron to health care policy.   Even better, this post will be sufficiently far removed from the front page that I can completely change my views on the socialization of basketball when Carmelo Anthony becomes a free agent.

*I’ve never know whether it was “arm’s length” or “arms’ length.”  Are both parties sticking their arms out or just one?  Or maybe one party is sticking both arms out.   No, you can never overthink punctuation.  Why?

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