Maybe we were a secret Russian spy family.

Mom, Dad & Khrushchev, meeting to set up our cover identities  . . . .

See below for explanation!

4 thoughts on “Maybe we were a secret Russian spy family.

  1. Nora Fox

    Thanks so much for this pic & this blog. No wonder Amy Farr writes so well. The acorn does not fall far from the trees.


  2. Amy Adams

    This is SUCH an incredible picture–you HAVE done something to preserve it, right? Polaroid doesn’t last forever you know, and what with the movie SALT out this weekend, you might need this as proof. (Why? Because no one who has actually been photographed with Krushchev would possibly be allowed to be a spy, obviously.)


    1. Ruth

      I think what I have is a print made from the original Polaroid. It’s definitely not the original photo. But even this copy really needs to be protected in acid-free paper, etc.


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