Talking back to Westlaw

Why is this image supposed to make me buy a more advanced legal research program?

When I started this blog, I warned you that part of the impetus was my tendency to talk back to the teevee.  I talk back to things like fundamental mathematical errors.  The Aleve lady who is so excited that she’s taking fewer pills than with Advil CLEARLY NEVER READ THE INGREDIENTS.  I helpfully inform her, “you’re getting the same amount of medicine, you dork; and your stomach will feel just as awful”  Or when 9News promises a full segment on some new store or product, I calmly explain to them, “THAT’S NOT NEWS; IT’S ADVERTISING.”

Today’s question is:  why should a photo of a woman with her eyes closed and wind-swept hair make me want to upgrade my legal research software?  Are they telling me I can now do legal research with my eyes closed?  On a wind-swept beach?  Candidly, her look is the one of resigned frustration I get when Westlaw tells me my search yielded 0 or 4,934 cases.  What are they trying to tell me about their new, improved version?

I know this probably sounds like I’m trying to be funny, or am desperate to post something to see if I can attract those 20 or so hardy souls who read this blog.  But I’m serious — why this photo?

Update:  The truly compelling image would be a middle-aged law nerd sitting in front of her computer, arms raised in the universal symbol for “touchdown,” a smile on her face that says, simultaneously, “I’m a genius, and I’m going to demolish the evil bastards on the other side of my case, and wow what cool software this is that both reveals my own genius to me and lets me engage in demolishment with such ease.”  If you’re listening, Westlaw:  use that image and I promise I’ll upgrade toWestlawNext.

6 thoughts on “Talking back to Westlaw

  1. Ruth

    “But I’m serious — why this photo?”

    Because some advertising group, using rules learned from their textbooks, have told Westlaw that pretty women in sexy or semi-sexy poses sell. Period. They don’t bother to think about the product they’re trying to sell or the audience they’re trying to sell to. It’s an iron-clad rule of Madison Avenue (am I the only “femme d’un certain age” who cannot stand to watch Mad Men? who remembers how women in the workforce were treated in the 50s & 60s and can’t stand to relive it?) that a photo of a pretty woman sells product.

    How about a nice, fat law book, with the pages flipping by at warp speed, indicating how quickly you’ll get the results of your search?

    Oh, well. I guess that’s why I’m a weaver (and retired editor/writer) and not a PR person. Pretty women sell; law books don’t.


  2. Carrie

    She isn’t even that pretty. She is dressed like a law nerd, turtleneck shirt over top, etc. I go with Amy and the frustration factor. Although maybe she is on some cold beach in the winter with her ipod doing legal research. Just what you need, the ability to research on the beach.


  3. Amy Adams

    “Legal Research Goes Human”–what does that even MEAN? Isn’t the whole point of Westlaw to get you OUT of manually going through the books and use the aggregating and search power of COMPUTERS?

    I swear, this is only slightly better than a stock photo of a gavel and some scales. And I have friends who work at ThompsonReuters, so I’d be predisposed to be interested in what the company is doing. This ad does not pique my interest, except in a negative way.


  4. Martie

    This is a really bizarre photo. It does not entice me at all to switch over to the NEXT whatever that really means. My office actually had a free trial of Next for a while (kind of a forced free trial as part of the group plan we belong to–we regularly received coercive email urging us try this wonderful free opportunity). I did actually try Next one afternoon and am not sure whether the new features are helpful or not. However, I am sure that I would not want to spend time learning them when I have a filing deadline.


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