Litigation animation, or, I crack myself up!

I don’t know if any of you caught the hilarious animation ridiculing the iphone, but the tag line at the end was “Xtranormal.  If you can type, you can make movies.”  Well, I’ve always thought that I’d be a great animator, but for my total and complete inability to draw, so Xtranormal seemed like a great service:  my deathless prose; their artistic renderings.

Here is my first attempt.   Possibly not funny outside our case team, but importantly, I totally cracked myself up.

I pondered whether it was a good idea to post this and concluded that it was OK:  I don’t name the defendant, and every last bit of it is in the public record.  True,  as a technical matter, no giant saw blade was involved, and I don’t generally wear my Coffee Woman superhero outfit to court.  But it is otherwise completely accurate.

7 thoughts on “Litigation animation, or, I crack myself up!

  1. Robin Bolduc

    Have no idea what defendant you are talking about (it could be so many). But it was funny! I think you should wear your Super Coffee Woman suit to the CCDC Halloween party on 10/30/10 at the DNote in Arvada (shameless plug)!


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