A guide to using the concept of “death” in politics

Encouraging conversations about end-of-life issues before you’re in a coma and your estranged husband & his new girlfriend get to decide for you = “Death Panels.”

Telling your supporters to “reload,” saying “violent revolution is on the table,”  proposing “second amendment remedies” to political disagreements, and holding a fundraiser to shoot automatic weapons to “help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office” = “Hey!  Wha?  Why is everyone looking at us?”

3 thoughts on “A guide to using the concept of “death” in politics

  1. Amy Robertson Post author

    Actually, when Ron Paul came out in favor of guns and against the ADA, it occurred to me that we might have a whole new enforcement regime: “My friend Glock and I would like you to install a ramp. Now.” Quicker than a lawsuit!

    And for those of you keeping score: Yes, I just made a joke about a gun. I much prefer the rule of law to rule by libertarians with firearms, but strongly believe in the first amendment right to call bullshit.



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