Snow Driving

This is what it looked like driving from Denver to Vail yesterday:

This is what it sounded like in my car:

You in the Subaru!  With the functional snow tires!  Kiss my DC-born, Virginia-raised, 20-mph-driving, 2d-gear-using, single-lane-occupying, 88-Honda-encased ass!   And an even less desirable activity for you, the guy in the Hummer who came behind me and flashed his high beams.

By the time I got to Vail Pass, I was a one-woman traffic jam, my faithful Honda trailing a long line of impatient Subarus, the interior of the car a constant stream of inspiring epithets.

All worth it for a gorgeous day of skiing followed by an awesome dinner with good friends!

2 thoughts on “Snow Driving

  1. MaryK

    OK, I am laughing like a crazy woman here….I first learned to drive a stick shift in a SUBARU!! In DENVER!! With functional SNOW TIRES!!! So don’t mess w/ Subaru woman! 🙂 Granted, that was a ’79 Subaru, 3rd hand, with 50K on it, in 1984, but still, there it is. Never took it up Vail Pass, though.

    I now drive a 2000 Subaru Forester…gotta have room for the fam, y’know. We’ve taken that thing all over the country and into Canada–130K on it, and I’ll drive it ’til it drops.

    Now the Hummer guy…him, I will be glad to help you with!!!


  2. Nora Fox

    Well, I’ve got you all beat. I remember driving a stick shift, ’60 VW bug over Loveland Pass in a white out with big trucks honking at me to pass. I learned to let them pass and then follow their tail lights hoping they knew the way.



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