A Night out in Denver (NSFV)*

Took Tim out for dinner for his birthday, and decided to try a new steak joint.  We’re generally devoted fans of the bar at Sullivan’s.  Excellent steaks, copious side dishes, live jazz, and sports on TV.  It’s so therapeutic we’ve come to call it “Dr. Sullivan’s.”

But last night we decided to try the Capital Grille.  While the steak was fantastic and the dessert one of the best ever, I’m not sure how I feel about the ambiance.  This was the view from my seat:

That’s right, moose nostril.  Mmmmm!  Tim’s view was even scarier:  a much-bigger-than-life portrait of Adolph Coors.**  And just to underscore that we are definitely not in DC anymore, Toto, we had the opportunity to take in some uniquely Denveresque culture:

For those of you too lazy to click on the photo, it says:

Art of Winter: An Outdoor Gallery of Ski and Snowboard Art

So ha! you coastal types who ridicule our art scene.  Do YOU have ski and snowboard art at MoMA?  at the National Gallery?  at the de Young?  Didn’t think so.  Did I mention the dessert?  It really was incredible!


*Not Safe for Vegetarians.

**Sorry, no photo – I had just made a major dork of myself with the moose nostril photos.

3 thoughts on “A Night out in Denver (NSFV)*

  1. Amy Adams

    Ha! Did you pretend to be at the Old Ebbitt Grill? I seem to remember a moose head figuring rather prominently at that DC establishment. Or you could have pretended to be celebrating the formation of the Bull Moose party with TR (the centennial is next year!).

    As an inhabitant of a city that celebrates a Winter Carnival with both snow and ice sculpture contests, I am curious about the newer winter art forms. What the heck *is* “ski and snowboard art.” Is it decorated skis and snowboards? Is it performance art–naked snowboarders covered in chocolate, perhaps?

    Inquiring minds want to know!


  2. Amy Robertson Post author

    @Amy – I wasn’t cultured enough even for ski & snowboard art, so still have no idea.

    @Mom – it was a very light cheesecake with a carmelized creme bruleey top, covered in berries. Would tolerate moose nostrils for another shot at the cheesecake!!



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