Nerds in South Beach

Tim and I spent three lazy days in South Beach, defrosting after a long, cold Denver winter.  This is sort of a photoblog of our trip.  Enjoy — and at least have the decency to be a little jealous!

We stayed at a hotel right on Ocean Avenue.

with a very hip lobby

The first day brought a very unusual event:  Tim and Amy eating breakfast at 10:30.

Tim chose the restaurant.  Wonder why?

The great thing about breakfast at 10:30 is that there is very little elapsed time between breakfast and happy hour.  Say, 20 minutes.

After our first night, when we had the pleasure of finally meeting Matt and Debbie Dietz for dinner, but the misfortune of sitting in causeway traffic to get there, we decided to ditch the van and just goof around South Beach.  This mostly involved rolling/roller blading around, soaking up sun, and people watching.

We connected with some great food, including the famous Joe’s Stone Crab.  Mmmm!  Curry aioli, where have you been all my life?

While New York may have the Met and Washington, the Smithsonian, South Beach apparently has its own intellectual life.

So sorry Laura Hershey is not around to see this, though I would have had to confess to her — and she would have gotten to make fun of us for — the fact that we didn’t, um, take a tour.

I’m not at all sure what this museum is about:

or these excellent public murals:

The water was gorgeous

Though as we’ve previously established, I don’t swim.

Saw some local wildlife

And the city was obviously trying to make Denverites feel at home with a random blue bear statue:

I loved the architecture, especially against the blue sky.

So very sorry that we ever had to come back to reality!

4 thoughts on “Nerds in South Beach

  1. Jenny

    Totally implausible. I for one do not believe that Amy waited until 10:30 a.m. for breakfast. Be honest: When was your first cup of coffee? Anyway, what could be more beautiful than the slate grey sky of Syracuse… I’m so beaten down by the winter that I can’t even long for beach weather, just for a few days when we don’t inch closer to breaking our snowfall record.



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