Documenting the gelled mullet

Over on my brother’s truly funny blog, he fesses up to a Jim McMahon-style gelled mullet, but only offers indirect proof, that is, in the form of a photo of Jim McMahon.  I, however, have definitive proof of the actual Robertsonian gelled mullet:

My law school graduation in 1988.  I have several other compelling memories from that day, besides the usual getting a diploma, completing a major educational stage in my life, facing the future, blah blah blah.  I seem to recall that Dad spent most of the photography time trying to get Bruce to take off his sunglasses.  Ooops.  I also recall a wonderful family dinner at which Bruce and I had a great time making fun of the way the waiter said the word “Calvados” … not because we were great connoisseurs of  French brandy, but because we’d never heard of it before and thought it sounded hilarious.

1 thought on “Documenting the gelled mullet

  1. Blueloom

    Hmmmm. Peter ragging on Bruce to take off his sunglasses in family photo shoots. And what’s Peter wearing in this photo? ;>) Stones & glass houses come to mind.



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