Off to Sonoma!

We’re finally getting a vacation!  Going to spend the week in Sonoma, chilling, biking/rolling, reading, and perhaps tasting a wine or two.  We’re not really wine appreciators – let’s just say a vacation to the microbreweries of Oregon or the stills of Kentucky might have been more appropriate.  But Sonoma is gorgeous.  The place we’re staying looks relaxing and wonderful.  And look how much fun I had last time we visited:

Actual photo of me at about 9, learning early wine-tasting skills.  Thanks, Dad!

6 thoughts on “Off to Sonoma!

  1. MFurness

    OK, so that reminds me of my son, aged about 10, when we really did visit “the stills of Kentucky”! Went to Heaven Hills distillery, where they make Evan Williams bourbon, and he got to take the tour–and LOVED it!! Totally fascinated by the chemistry of bourbon distillation. Didn’t get to go into the tasting room, so I stayed outside with him, but I got to go in afterward (when my husband came out) and got my own private bourbon tasting!


  2. Amy Robertson Post author

    We took the tour of Stranahans here in Denver, and our guide was a chemical engineer who described himself as a “whiskey nerd.” I thought: of all the subsets of nerds to be, that has got to be one of the best!



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