The 12 Stages of Wheelchair Repair

  1. Swearing.
  2. Unhelpful improvisation by Amy.
  3. Searching for lost parts and reassembly.
  4. Helpful improvisation by Dustin.*
  5. Canine supervision.
  6. Calling wheelchair repair place.
  7. Calling back several hours later and finding out they’ve never heard of you.
  8. Two days of immobility in front of computer drafting a brief addressing the same effing issues we addressed in 2003.**
  9. Finding a new wheelchair repair place.
  10. Getting call back from owner of company, who sends competent, friendly employee, who makes three separate trips to our house in one day, resulting in success.
  11. Sending FTD Thank You cookie box to new place, hoping that bribery through sweets will result in future quick repairs.
  12. Finally getting out of the house to complete repairs using vodka and french fries.

Did I mention Rocky Mountain Medical Equipment?  We love you, Alan!


* OK his etsy shop doesn’t have anything to do with wheelchair repair, but his designer messenger bags are very cool.

** Not strictly speaking a part of every wheelchair repair event, but made this one especially fun for Tim.

2 thoughts on “The 12 Stages of Wheelchair Repair

  1. Joshua Davidson

    Speaking of solving problems with advanced technology, it occurred to me that we might be able to use YouTube or some other medium to share videos of the problem with friends like John Trevor Benson (remember him?) and other folks who might have encountered the problem before and figured out a solution. Using video taken with their phone, our friends/peers would be able to demonstrate how to fix the problem. Whadya think?



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