Public service: talking to your politically-deluded family members.

If you have a relative who is completely deluded politically  with whom you graciously disagree on various political matters, you may have trouble from time to time coming up with something to talk about at family gatherings.  As regular readers of both of our blogs have discerned, my brother is completely deluded politically a Republican and I am correct in all things a Democrat.   Yet we have many fascinating, non-political things to talk about.  Herewith, as a public service at these family-oriented holidays, a working list of the things that can completely occupy our conversation in the absence of politics:

  1. the awesomeness of my niece and nephew.
  2. our weird extended family.
  3. nasal allergies.
  4. solutions to nasal allergies.
  5. things his kids have puked up compared with things my dogs have puked up (I win — neither of his kids ever puked up a tennis ball).
  6. food (generally not immediately following item #5).
  7. decades old in-jokes involving pointless things our grandfather said.
  8. sports.
  9. hilarious things our father used to do, for example, applying lotion to his face while driving by pouring a big puddle of lotion on the dashboard and dabbing it on his face.
  10. Fart jokes.

Your mileage may vary.

5 thoughts on “Public service: talking to your politically-deluded family members.

  1. Dan

    As I was reading this, I was thinking “Don’t they talk about farts?” So I was pleased to see your item #10. May I suggest boosting it in the standings, perhaps to #1 or 2?


  2. Terri

    Now that we have a dog, have you compared what odd things have come out of the other end of the canines? Of course, Bruce and the kids only know the worst of it second hand.



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