Shit Walkies Say

Having thoroughly enjoyed Shit Sighted People Say to Blind People, Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls, and Shit White Girls Say to Arab Girls, I decided it would be hilarious to make a video out of some of the stupid shit people have said to Tim* over the years.  Only problem, of course:  I have no video production skills, not to mention equipment.  So — as with a couple of previous posts — I relied on the cartoon people over at xtranormal and created this.   I’m sure it doesn’t measure up to the videos that inspired it, but on the upside, I only wasted three hours on it.

*  Yes, it’s weird that it’s me (a walkie) and not Tim who made this little video, but he’s busy actually practicing law, or possibly (we can only hope!) drafting his first guest blog post.  Stay tuned!!

13 thoughts on “Shit Walkies Say

  1. Mary K. Furness

    I have a friend with a guide dog…believe me, there are parallels!! “You can’t bring that dog in here”….”Oh yes I can!”.


  2. Marcy Ryan

    New and exciting ways for the “normals” to be ridiculous. Talk about being afraid and not sure what to do around us. Truism’s for real!


  3. Kevin Williams

    Okay. Let’s get this straight.
    Number one: Its “riders who use wheelchairs.”
    Number two: Its “Individuals who are not riders who use wheelchairs.”
    Number three: Tim is way better looking than me; no one would make that mistake.
    Now that we have cleared that up, if you would like, I will provide some of the answers I have given to each of these questions, depending usually on the venue. For example, to the intoxicated yet otherwise attractive woman in the bar who says, “How do you have sex?” the answer is, “Here…let me show you.” I have had more fun that way.


  4. Amy Robertson Post author

    @ Dan – Now more entertaining than depressing.

    @ Mary – How about – “cute puppy – here, have a treat!”

    @ Marcy – fear + ignorance + lack of brain/mouth filter = sh*t people say!

    @ Kevin – Snort! And then there’s always the transitive property of you-all-look-alike: people who think I’m Cara, you know, that short girl who hangs out with the guy in the wheelchair.


  5. Joy E Weeber

    Yep, heard them all before, too! Seeing them in this format inspires me to come up with more far out responses than I usually do…merely asking the same question back at them seems at first wash the most earpopping!


  6. ashley's brain

    hiLARious! I should print this out business-card size so I can check off the one’s I’ve heard, then check off the rest as I (undoubtedly will) hear them. (Kind of like a bird-watcher’s Life List.)
    I ended up at your blog via a long round-about way (which I guess *is* the normal way on the net) and really appreciate it. Appreciate your humor and your point of view. Love the “why are some atheists such a**holes”! Too bad Christopher H. couldn’t have seen that.

    good work! (And hope you all — walkies and rollers (which includes the dog, natch) and all — are digging out and getting around ok under The Big Snow you had.)


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