Why are some atheists such a**holes? Part Deux.

This billboard appeared in an African-American neighborhood of Harrisburg, PA.  Did no one’s WTF Alarm go off?

When our office was downtown, many Fridays there was a group of people who would gather on the corner, literally wave Bibles, and yell at passersby to convert, be saved, etc.  And not a “good news” sort of yelling; a “you’re gonna burn in hell” sort of yelling.  I’d wonder, each time I saw them, “has anyone in the history of religion converted because they were yelled at?”  I concluded that these people were not out on the corner to actually convert or save people, but to give themselves the warm fuzzy feeling of religious superiority.

The atheists behind this sign and the “Imaginary Friend” sign I wrote about earlier are cut from the same cloth.  They’re just yelling at the rest of us that they’re right and we’re wrong.  It’s not going to convince anyone, but — like the corner-yellers — it will give them the warm fuzzy feeling of religious superiority.

3 thoughts on “Why are some atheists such a**holes? Part Deux.

  1. Kevin Williams

    That’s what I love about being a I-don’t-give-a-shit-ist. I don’t yell at anyone. Why? Cuz . . . .


  2. ramblingalongwithnora

    I would be so hurt if Kevin yelled at me for anything. But, I do agree with Amy about this superiority attitude. I’ve never understood it. I am sure, at times, I have given Christianity a bad rap by my behavior. I sure appreciate someone keeping an eye on this. Hate is a horrible thing.


  3. BlueLoom

    Not saying whether atheists are, individually or as a group, a**holes, but perhaps we should note that the billboard was taken down almost as soon as it was put up. I believe that the atheist group that sponsored the billboard wished to point out what the world would be like if everything in the Bible were to be take literally (as some sects believe), including this particularly odious phrase. It was an inappropriate way of putting that point across, and many people and groups came away with hurt feelings, but the sponsoring group was trying to make a point, however stupidly they chose to make it.



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