This brief writer was given five pages to express a series of complex antitrust arguments.  Result:  a format I want with all my heart and soul to use in my next brief.   As you can see from the ECF header, this was filed with the court.  I don’t understand the antitrust or economic theory, but check out the last panel for an excellent punchline.


Damn!  I wish I could draw!   Perhaps my next brief could start with the Cute Puppies’ Guide to Title III of the ADA.

4 thoughts on “Coolest.Brief.Ever.

  1. I’d like to know if they won their case.
    Admittedly if they did, or didn’t, we couldn’t say the cartoon made the difference either way, but at least if they won we can conclude that a cartoon may not ruin your chances.


  2. Thank you for introducing me to the next entry in the “law case scavenger hunt” that will doubtless be on the list for next year’s 1Ls!

    I’m afraid that I couldn’t completely follow the legal argument–I’m waiting for the movie, I guess?


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