Things that are not patriotic:

Attempting to keep people from voting – in Florida

Early voting the Sunday before Election Day used to be allowed. But it was eliminated by the GOP-controlled state Legislature and Republican Gov. Rick Scott last year after Barack Obama used early voting to help him win Florida in 2008 — and therefore the presidency.

and in Ohio.

In Ohio, after attempting to cancel weekend early voting all together, Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) drastically rolled back early voting hours.


If you have to stop people voting to win elections, your ideas suck.

Closer to home, the two Obama signs I had stapled to our fence were torn down.  Too lazy to drive to Obama HQ and get new signs, I resorted to more basic First Amendment tools:  the inkjet printer and staple gun.

The little sign on the right reads:

Tim pointed out that it’s not really communism; more like fascism. I thought it reminded me of the neighborhood committees in China, in which neighbors kept an eye on one another’s ideological purity.  It’s also possible that it was random vandalism by drunken college students — not unknown in our ‘hood.

Extra bonus Colorado sunset shot:

2 thoughts on “Things that are not patriotic:

  1. Kevin Williams

    Random, as always, but here they come: (1) “VOTE…OBAMA” I think he already did. Mind if I drive over and insert a “4” in there? FYI..I suck using staple guns, and it might be hung a bit low. (2) One can make meth out of blue paper. (Season 1 of BB has done a number on me and made me consider new health care payment options in light of where “Repeal and replace” could take us.) (3) I did not know your fence was that big. Did you move? (4) Voter suppression and sign stealing…a connection? And (5) “OBAMA” beneath the beautiful Colorado sky…always nice to see.


  2. brucecrobertson

    Yeah, sorry Sis, but this cuts both ways. Today, I stopped in the gift shop at REAGAN National Airport on my way to San Francisco and bought a Romney campaign button and clipped it to my briefcase handle. I put my briefcase in the overhead and when I took it down in San Fran, my Romney button had mysteriously disappeared from my briefcase. Oddly, it wasn’t in the overhead either.



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