Photographing musicians

Went to the The Snug to listen to some Irish music and watch the Broncos.  (Tim might list the activities in a different order.)  One of the musicians had asked if I could take pictures and, with a warning that it would likely take me a few sessions to figure out what I was doing, I gave it a try.  Indeed, I have a lot to learn.  I didn’t want to use a flash because I thought it would be disruptive, so I ended up shooting at 1600 ISO, resulting a lot of noise.   But the combination of shooting indoors with the afternoon light coming through the windows made it hard for me to figure out a good exposure.  I took over a hundred photos and these were the only ones within shouting distance of good.

Still and all, it was enormous fun.  The music was awesome, and spontaneous Irish step dancing broke out.  A really great afternoon with some great friends.

(Updated to add photo of Cara and replace Kevin’s photo with one less pink.  I recalibrated the color temperature in Lightroom, though I did not attempt to calibrate it with the number of whiskeys consumed.)

Cara, woman of many talents:  fiddlin (above) and signin (below):

Cara at the Snug

Aaaaand, you’d never know this guy is a lawyer:

Kevin at the Snug

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