For the well-dressed mass killer

Am I the last one to notice that Woolrich doesn’t just sell plaid shirts and chinos, but clothing specially designed for concealed carry?*  I get that the world needs hunting clothes:  if you’re going to stalk Bambi through the north woods, you probably ought to layer up.  But concealed carry is about being prepared to take down your fellow human, stealthily.  That is, there is nothing remotely inoffensive about this.   The website is not subtle:

Woolrich concealed carry

Indeed, the “Elite Concealed Carry Chinos” — so not kidding! — have these specifications:

Concealed carry chinos

I’m thinking the “discreet carry options” make the “reinforced crotch” an important feature, lest the amateur concealed carrier shoot his or her balls off.  And when you’re through sowing deadly mayhem, you can just toss them in the washer!

I’m making stupid jokes about this, but it’s really not funny.  We’ve reached the point in our armed society where a major clothing retailer markets “tactical” attire for sneaking firearms into ordinary public settings.  The suburban dad in chinos at the movie theater or shopping mall may be concealing a Glock.  Also, the mass killer in chinos, indistinguishable from the suburban dad.


* A bit of post-blog research reveals that the New York Times wrote about this back in April.  It only came to my attention because we get their catalog** and I was just about to order a couple of pairs of $6 fuzzy socks when I noticed the concealed carry category.

** Yes our taste in clothing is THAT bad.

2 thoughts on “For the well-dressed mass killer

  1. Yeti_in_IL

    Outstanding! I was not aware of this clothing line previously, I will be looking into it! BTW, I am a concealed carry permit holder and I have stalked and killed precisely zero people. I hope I never have to draw my pistol to defend myself or my family ever and would in fact be quite happy if I die an old man having never fired a shot in defense. I appreciate you painting everyone with a CCW with broad generalizations and accusations as to intent!



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