Piano Bar

Today’s aspirational to do list:

1. Draft amicus brief.

Today’s actual to do/done list:

  1. Facebook.
  2. Words with Friends.*
  3. Download last night’s photos.
  4. Play with last night’s photos.
  5. Play with the dog in the snow.
  6. Play with the camera in the snow.
  7. Play with today’s photos.
  8. Blog about all of the above.
  9. [possibly, eventually] Draft amicus brief.

As for the title of the post:  Tried a new place for dinner last night – the Black Crown.  It’s in an old house on S. Broadway, and pretty darn accessible for an old house, though the couple of accommodations we requested (table; Kevin’s drink poured into the accessible cup he carries with him) generally required several stages of blank stares (hereinafter, for reasons that made sense last night, the “Roquefort”), bureaucratic explanations that it could not be done, further gentle prodding by us, followed by acquiescence.  But this pattern continued through our request for a side order of bread, so they may just be a generally inflexible bunch.

All that said, the ambiance is wonderful.  Ensconced in décor that can only be described as “Grandma’s House,”** you dine on small plates accompanied by live piano music.

{Image:  photo.  in the left foreground, the back of a brocade (flowered) chair.  right foreground: the back of the head of an older gentleman with a short haircut and a hat.  To the right in the background, a Christmas tree with lights.  In the center, an older man in a beret playing the piano.}

I thought the back of the guy’s head added to the ambiance.

{Image:  close up of a glass of dark beer.  christmas tree with lights in the right background.}

The art on the walls was wonderful.

{Image: painting of a woman seated in a chair, possibly signaling for a waiter.  she wears a stylish hat and a dress.  the painting is in muted colors of browns and beiges. she has a cat on her lap.}

The small plates were terrific, though not necessarily terrific enough to justify the total bill.

Woke up to snow that is supposed to continue through the day.  Not much compared with what our friends back East are getting, though.

{Image:  two wooden slatted patio chairs with about a half-inch of snow.}

{Image:  close up of the slats on a metal bench covered with about a half-inch of snow.}

Onward to the amicus brief.  No! Wait!  I need to marinate steak for beef jerky first!  And do laundry!  And… I’m sure there’s something else that requires puttering.


* Just logged back on after a year or so.  I created an account a while back to play with my niece and nephew, but after having my ass handed to me by a couple of kids, gracefully — ok, petulantly — retired from the game.

** If, technically speaking, your Grandma had, in addition to comfy brocade sofas and knick-knacks in glass cases, a life-sized, anatomically-correct statue of the David.

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