Many Obamacare Critics, Including Koch Brothers, Accepted Its Subsidies

Many Obamacare Critics, Including Koch Brothers, Accepted Its Subsidies.

File under “R” for Republican Hypocrisy, though by now you may need a larger filing cabinet.

I continue to wonder what their plan is for people who are not millionaires.  The free market will magically deliver cancer treatment at the local Wal-Mart?

Clearly they (Kochs; Republicans in general) are not opposed to Obamacare purely on principle, because of course they’d never accept subsidies, right?  What does that leave?  The pure political battle, in which they attack a policy that has provided insurance coverage — and related benefits like health, peace of mind, and the ability to leave an old job or start a new business — to millions of their fellow Americans simply to win the football game that is modern American politics.

This was, in fact, the theory of leading Republican pontificator William Kristol in 1993:  no negotiation; no compromise; no health care plan.  Let’s not figure out how to help people (i.e. govern); just kill it in an attempt to harm the other team.

So to my various conservative friends & family members who are likely to unleash the hounds in the comments — what’s the plan?  How are we going to pay for cancer treatments for minimum-wage workers?  How are we going to delink work and health care so that people — even those with pre-existing conditions — can have the freedom we hope all Americans have to innovate, to leave old jobs and start new businesses?

What is the plan?

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