More photos from the Keys

A bit of a photodump, as reality is calling me back to brief-writing and presentation-preparing.


Image: orange sandals in the sand.


Image: single orange flower in the middle of grey/brown mulch.


Image:   Old pick-up truck body, embedded in a brick sidewalk, covered with stickers.


Image:  mural painting of pelican in flight.


Image: mural painting of shark with motorcycle handlebars and mirrors in the foreground.


Image: sign on a garage door with a drawing of a woman's head and face, wearing a hat made of fruit, with the legend "90 miles to Cuba."


Image:  reflection of sailboat masts in the water.



Image: setting sun flaring through the top of a picket fence, silhouetting a palm tree.


This one is my favorite for some reason:

Image: abandoned skiff tied up under low hanging-branches, with setting sun reflected off the bow.


Separate sunset photodump coming after I make some progress IRL.

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