One of these is not like the other, part II

In an earlier post, I compared this [still living] white twerp who likes to march around with a [real, loaded] shotgun with the [now dead] black 12-year-old with a [toy] gun.

I don’t have a specific person to compare to the white dude described below; all I can offer are statistics like these showing massively higher arrest rates for Blacks in possession of marijuana, even though more whites use pot.

Image:  Bar chart showing percentage of 18-to-25-year-olds who used marijuana in the past year (2001-2010), showing that the percentage of whites was consistently several percentage points higher than the percentage of blacks.


Image:  Bar chart showing arrest rate per 100,000 for marijuana possession (2001-2010), showing a consistenly much higher number (500-700) for blacks compared to whites (around 200).

But  Ex-NASCAR driver somehow avoids jail after leading police on a three-state, 150 mph chase – The Washington Post.

Walker, who was cited in St. George, Utah, in 2013, after leading police on a chase that started in Nevada and went through Arizona, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of failure to stop for an officer and possession of a controlled substance. Even more unbelievable, Walker was also cited for impaired driving, possession of drug paraphernalia, including methamphetamine and marijuana, and having an open container of alcohol — vodka! — in his BMW. Oh yeah, and there was also nearly a car-jacking at attempt, according to one of the officers in pursuit.


3 thoughts on “One of these is not like the other, part II

  1. Bruce

    I know about 30 white Jewish guys in their 50s at my country club who smoke weed regularly in the privacy of their own houses. What is the probability that any of them will ever commit a violent crime? Now think about their children, recent white college grads or law school or PhD students, many of whom also smoke weed, or so their dads tell me, in their apartments in DC or Clarendon. How many of those white kids will ever commit a violent crime? Now consider 30 random black males in their 20s in the Bronx wearing hoodies and loitering illegally on the street corner, who also happen to smoke weed. First, what is the probability they will get noticed under NY’s extremely successful stop and frisk program, which has lowered violent crime in NY to very low levels?And, second, what is the probability, relative to my 55 year old white Jewish buddies, or their children, that any one of them will commit a violent crime. If you said higher, then the charts you posted make perfect sense and the stats are justifiable. If you said lower, then I suspect you are yet another white person I know who is stoned! Math is fun, but there’s always a story behind the stats. This one is pretty simple…..


    1. Amy Robertson Post author

      I’m not going to delete this — my policy so far has been not to delete comments unless they are personally insulting to someone else. (Only deleted comment so far cast professional aspersions on a friend.) That said, of course, your response makes me very sad given the assumptions beneath the hypotheticals you pose. Here, for example, is a question for you. Walker was caught with meth. Is it your thought that white guys who possess meth are less of a threat than black guys who possess pot? Is this a color thing or a class thing? Would it be OK to profile white guys in hoodies on street corners? If you don’t think they exist, perhaps you need to get out more. How about black country club members who smoke weed? All recent mass murders and serial killings save the DC sniper have been committed by white guys, many of them anti-government conservatives. How should we profile them?


  2. Bruce

    1. Sadly, the stats show that blacks commit violent crimes at about 10x the rate of whites on a per capita basis.

    2. Even sadder is that the vast majority of theae crimes are committed against other blacks.

    This is a problem blacks should be highly motivated to solve. Whining about statistics won’t solve this horrible problem. Fortunatley, when interviewed, law-abiding blacks living in the inner city support aggressive policing along the lines of no broken windows and stop and frisk. Denying serious problems exist will never help solve them.



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