Jeb Bush: ‘Stuff happens,’ but no need for new gun regulations

So let me get this straight:  Muslim kid brings a clock to school and righties think it’s reasonable to arrest and cuff him and transport him to the police station* while 10 actually dead students — and hundreds more in the past years — is just “stuff” that “happens.”  No need for any measures that might actually protect actual students against actually deadly weapons in actual schools.

Also, showing his father’s eloquence (“Message: I care“), Jeb followed up with this exchange:

“No, it wasn’t a mistake. I said exactly what I said. Explain to me what I said wrong,” Bush said.

“You said, ‘Stuff happens,’” [a reporter] responded.

“Things happen all the time. Things, is that better?” Bush replied.

Source: Jeb Bush: ‘Stuff happens,’ but no need for new gun regulations


*In an bit of extraordinarily unsafe policing, in the car with the potential bomb, after — in a bit of extraordinarily unsafe school administration — failing to evacuate the school or call the bomb squad.


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