Dramatic re-enactment of an actual phone call with a business that will remain anonymous.

Image: Sketch of a woman on the phone with a speech bubble that reads, in small type, “I just wanted to let you know about what you would need to do to you know provide interpreters because well you know how we attorneys are I don’t want to sound confrontational or anything but just to let you know that as a technical matter your office is a place of public accommodation and for that reason is required by the ADA to provide effective communication and we’d be happy to provide a list of interpreter agencies and oh thank you so much for working with us on this we really really appreciate it . . . .”  while her thought bubble reads, in large, all-caps type, “OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THE ADA WAS PASSED 25 YEARS AGO AND YOU CAN’T FIGURE OUT THAT YOU NEED TO HIRE INTERPRETERS?!?!”



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