Blizzard Photos

Last Tuesday, March 22, it was 75 degrees in Denver.   I wore shorts to walk the dogs.

The next day:

Image: Framed in an open front door, the branch of a tall shrub is bending under heavy snow. In the foreground, a smaller branch with small yellow flowers.

My brave forsythia!  We ended up getting about two feet, making the propane heater look like Jiffy Pop.

Image: Tall propane heater on a back patio with a large pouf of snow on top.

The next day was gorgeous and sunny and made for some cool photos (if I do say so myself).  Steam rising from our back gate.

Image: four pickets of a fence with patchy snow and steam rising.

Somehow even the slush was pretty.

Image: Puddle of slush with chunks of snow photographed at a low angle with sunflares.

A couple of shots from the street by our house.

Image: Long shot along a street with snowy trees on either side and cars driving toward the photographer.

Image: Long shot along a plowed path next to the street with snowy trees on either side with the sun in the background and a dog in the foreground casting a long shadow toward the photographer.

Holly is such a petite golden that the snow came most of the way up her sides.

Image: Golden retriever dog standing in the snow up to her sides and chin.

Proving that the most mundane thing can be gorgeous against the bright blue Colorado sky.

Image: snow covered branches against a bright blue sky.

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