Ivanka Trump Flats with Spikes

There is just so much right, wrong, and weird about these shoes:

{Image:  Ladies flat shoes in black with a row of spikes around the opening.  The are called "Ivanka Trump Cecille."}

  1. I like them.
  2. It pisses me off that I like them and they bear the name Trump.
  3. They are deeply weird.
  4. They are totally badass.
  5. I would wear them with the intent of looking like the lady lawyer equivalent of a biker gang member but would probably only succeed in running my nylons.
  6. Yes I still wear nylons.  Dowdy and proud!
  7. I might just buy them.


4 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump Flats with Spikes

  1. Jenny

    I realize this post is from a while ago, but I’ve been on the road and I’m just catching up on blogs. In Paris last week I was struck by how many women of all ages wore nylons, with all kinds of shoes. Not to puncture your dowdy-but-proud identity, but there’s a chance that you’re just chic in a classic Parisian way (at least insofar as the nylon thing goes). Michele Obama looks awesome without nylons, but then, she also looks a heck of a lot better than I do in sleeveless dresses…

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