Casual ableism and sexism: still not OK

Sitting around a table with a bunch of attorneys.  One guy describes a multi-party case involving parties who are blind.  He says:  “We call them the ‘two blind mice.'”

My brain chokes momentarily.  I call him out:  “you gotta be kidding me!”

No one else says a thing.

He says, “sorry you were offended.  People have different senses of humor.”

Earlier in the meeting, he consistently referred to female judges and magistrates as “The,” for example “The Krieger” or “The Tafoya.”  Male judges were just “Hegarty” or “Watanabe.”

Called him on that, too:  “Are we only The-ing the women?  Or the men, too?  I want to know how we should use our determiners.”  I was actually sort of cracking myself up with those questions, but appear to have been the only person amused.

Don’t think he really knew what I was talking about.  I did get an eyeroll from another woman in the room for that one.

I’m guessing I’ve been added to everyone’s list of humorless women.  Whatever.  Way too old to give a fuck about that.

Or maybe now I’m The Robertson.

4 thoughts on “Casual ableism and sexism: still not OK

  1. Jenn

    After you left he called a judge “a real doll”. I think everyone just ignored him as the crazy old man in the corner.

    I’m sorry I didn’t chime in. I honestly had no idea what he was talking about.
    I’m glad you were paying attention and said something.

    He asked me who you were after the meeting ended. I said “that was Amy Robertson.”
    He said “ohh…” with an “oh shit” look on his face. I think you scared him. 😉 Nicely done.

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    1. Amy Robertson Post author

      Ha! There’s actually a back story around that case that I’ll tell you next time I see you. He’s a trainwreck. It’s hard to speak up in the moment — my ears almost couldn’t believe it!



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