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Photo dump from the Droid

Random cellphone photos that entertain me without actually being worthy of an entire blog post.

Let’s hear it for the First Amendment:


Do these people know about revisions to the rules of professional conduct permitting brand names for law firms?

2013-01-31_12-21-45_684 crop

We love The Belvedere where you can get pierogis and they have a beer named after an astronomer!


So you can feel like a true carnivore when you eat your hamburger:


Stay on the sofa or get off the sofa — it’s so hard to decide!


In the DU Law School café.  Kids today have it so easy!


A neighborhood bar offers a bit of advanced wine-pouring guidance:


And finally, as a passionate avocado fan, I am always sort of annoyed that the Safeway thinks I need subtitles to figure out which avocado is ripe.