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CREEC-Colorado visits CREEC-California

Earlier this week, Tim and I got the chance to check out CREEC’s California office.  Come along for a quick tour!  Julie Wilensky, Director of our California office, and Executive Director Tim Fox in front of the building where our California office is housed.

Image: white woman in light blue shirt and black slacks next to white man in wheelchair with brown coat and khaki slacks, both on the sidewalk in front of a building bearing the logo sign "WeWork."

CREEC’s office is in the infinitely-hip WeWork building, which offers individual offices,

Image:  the "CREEC" logo on the glass door to an office; inside are visible an asian man drinking from a coffee mug, a white woman in a blue shirt, and a white man in a brown coat.

and conference rooms, for example, this one with a giant scrabble game on the wall:

Image:  giant scrabble game on the wall, with letters in the middle spelling out "God Is Love Tony."

And – so not kidding! – free beer on tap:

Image:  beer tap handle that reads "wework draft beer."

I think I was most impressed with the view, though.

Image:  clear blue sky over tile-roofed buildings with hills in the background.  Stop by and visit if you’re in the neighborhood!

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Please join us at CREEC’s annual event next Thursday, September 17.

Come hang out with us on Thursday, September 17 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Artwork Network Gallery, 878 Santa Fe Drive in Denver.

It’s not too late to get your ticket for this great event! 

In addition to the usual (short, we promise!) speeches, mingling, snacking, and schmoozing, we’re proud that this year’s celebration will feature:

Fading Scars by Corbett O'Toole book coverCorbett O’Toole, who will discuss her latest work Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History. Plus, event attendees will have the opportunity to buy their own copy of the book and have it personally signed by the author!



ADA Image Project by Mary Lou Mobley book coverMary Lou Mobley, whose new photography book, The ADA Image Project, will be available for sale. We are also giving away one copy of this beautiful book as a door prize.



Lucent Immersion painting by Tracy Pristas Tracy Lynn Pristas (who created Lucent Immersion, left), Silvana LaCreta Ravena, and Ana Maria Botero, whose “Vivid Visions” exhibit of bold, large-scale abstract paintings is currently on display at Artwork Network Gallery.


Mike Fitzmaurice playing the bass Brian Mullins playing the mandolinMusic duo Mike Fitzmaurice (left) and Brian Mullins (right), who will play a variety of acoustic tunes on the upright bass, guitar, and mandolin.



Individual tickets and Student/Under 30 tickets will continue to be available for purchase until Wednesday, September 16. We have a limited amount of ticket scholarships available; please email sbreene@creeclaw.org for more information.

To purchase a ticket, please visit www.creeclaw.org/event.

Thanks and hope to see you there! 

Come join us for a drink with this lady:


Photo:  [advertising exhibition]  Black & White photo of latina woman in a sleeveless dress, sitting with her elbows on a table, holding a shot glass.  The wall in the background painted with religious art.

We’ve been trying to convince you to come to CREEC’s Inaugural Event with promises of listening to civil rights lawyers talk about civil rights.  That’s how we get our thrills.  But we thought some of you might prefer to hang out with this lady — and many other photos in the current exhibition at Museo de las Americas, the amazing venue for next week’s CREEC event.

From the Museo’s website:

Museo de las Americas in collaboration with The Mexican Cultural Center & Mexican Consulate of Denver announce the Fall exhibit, EL Brindis Remixed. The exhibit features photography from the 19th & 20th century taking a lighthearted . . . look at drinking within the Mexican Culture.

Featured artists include: Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Agustín Víctor Casasola, Gabriela Iturbide, Juan Rulfo, Gabriel Figueroa, Mariana Yampolsky and several other creatives who comprised Frida & Diego’s personal inner circle.

In 2000 the exhibit was on display in Paris for the Millennium Celebration and will be featured for the final time in the United States at Museo this Fall.

We are very lucky to be able to use this beautiful space — right in the middle of Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District.  Come for the art, stay for the civil rights!   Or vice versa!

Photo of museum space with high ceilings, open rooms and painted warm colors of yellow and orange.  In the foreground, a table.

I think she’ll be there, too.

Photo: brown & white photo of well-dressed woman in make-up and a fashionable hat with a bottle in front of her holding up a shot glass.

Litigation triumph (with photographic incompetence).

As we announced earlier on CREEC’s website, we finally settled the almost 12-year-old Taco Bell case.  Although the settlement requires notice and court approval, we decided to indulge in a bit of BBQ-based celebration on Thursday evening at T-Rex in Berkeley with most but not all of our wonderful team.   Unfortunately, my stubborn insistence on never using the pop-up flash on my camera resulted in some pretty blurry and/or grainy photos.  Blerg.  I’m now looking for an external flash for an Olympus XZ-2 that can tilt but that does not turn the whole thing into a giant, lumbering, unwieldy piece of photographic equipment.

On to our team!  Here is the core litigation team — sans Tony Lawson, who was in LA, and Brad Seligman, who is now The Hon. and had pre-existing obligations relating to his talented musical daughters. It also doesn’t include the wonderful Dan Goldstein, who joined the team last fall to assist with settlement and who deserves huge heaping helpings of praise (and, later, scotch) for his successful efforts.

Below:  lawyers Tim Fox, me, Mari Mayeda, and Jocelyn Larkin and Named Plaintiff (and disability rights goddess) Corbett.


Bill Lee, who through his own work and that of his firm, was incredibly helpful to and supportive of our case.


Co-counsel Robert Schug and Jocelyn Larkin of the Impact Fund and mentor Lainey Feingold.  (I really do need to investigate the flash situation….)


Future civil rights rock stars Sarah Morris (CREEC) and Meredith Johnson* (Impact Fund) plotting world domination.


Tim’s assistant Dustin McNa enjoys some of T-Rex’s famed health food.


And finally, the highlight of the evening:  obscure whiskey tasting!  The bartender told us this was a bottle from the latch batch ever of this whiskey.  “Like drinking a dodo bird,” explained Dustin.


This post doesn’t even begin to recognize all of the people who helped us out over the past 12 years.  We’ll have a more complete, better-photographed version after (God willing) final approval.


* It turns out Meredith and Tim both went to St. Olaf College in The Middle of Somewhere Very Cold, Minnesota.  We were treated to a brief but inspiring rendition of their college fight song, “Um Yah Yah” (which I think translates as “What Were We Thinking???”).   If you think I’m making that up — at least the song title part — check the school’s website!