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Like renting a Ferrari to a teenager.

We’re headed to Vegas on vacation for the next few days.  While Tim is funding our next project at the poker tables, I’m going to take off for Red Rock Canyon with a camera.  Just for the heck of it, I rented a lens:


This is waaaaayyyyy too powerful a lens for my photographic abilities, not to mention that

  • It weighs one (1) ton;*
  • It costs $2,500.**

The autofocus makes a sound not unlike a concrete mixer and it arrived at our office in this:


which has had me humming the Get Smart*** theme song ever since.  Given the weight and the price, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll ever buy it, but it cost about $150 to rent for the weekend, and I’m hoping will generate some awesome photos.  At the very least, I’ll look like a badass photographer — or a seriously overcompensating dude.


* Approximate weight.

** OK, OK, $2,499.

*** If you’re over 45, you did not need to click the link to know what I’m talking about, and you may not be able to get the tune out of your head for the next few days.  You’re welcome.