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Go Bureaucrats!

As I’ve previously blogged, I’m not a big fan of the racist name of Washington’s football team.  I’m pleased to report that more and more publications are taking this stand and not using the name, including SlateThe New Republic, The Washington City Paper, and Mother Jones.  I’ve also enjoyed some of the suggestions for new names, including Pigskins, Griffins,

Washington’s pro football team” or, if we get sassy, “the Washington [Redacted].”

My favorite, apparently from Huffington Post reporter Arthur Delaney:

This team should be called the Washington Department of Football.  . . . At least two former Skins players were known as secretaries of defense, including Dexter Manley and David Deacon Jones. So clearly, this is a name that would honor local tradition much better than ‘Redskins’ does.

Go Bureaucrats!*


* Defined, my Dad always said, as a Democrat who has a job a Republican wants.