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Things that will scare you into voting for Obama

This is so scary I should have followed Jamie Raskin’s lead and posted it on Halloween.  Ready?

“Justice Robert Bork” — nuf said.

“Justice Jeffrey Sutton” — worked hard against enforceability of the ADA (as counsel for the University in Garrett) and Medicaid regs (counsel for the state in Westside Mothers) when he was in private practice.

“Justice Jefferson Beauregard* Sessions”  — rejected for a federal judgeship based on racist remarks; later elected to the Senate from Alabama, where that is apparently an essential function of the job.

“Justice John Ashcroft” — I know, right?

“Justice Paul Clement” — left King & Spalding when it dropped its defense of the Defense [sic] of Marriage [sic] Act to join the firm that  congressional Republicans hired to defend DOMA.

“Justice Steven Colloton”  — he’s actually a really nice guy, but he was my law school classmate, and having him on the Supreme Court would make me feel really old.
* I did not invent that name.  I swear.