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“Zara Drops a New Genderless Clothing Line”

“The retailer is the latest to embrace gender-defying fashion.”

Folks, this doesn’t defy anything.  This clothing line consists of items you could obtain, without patting yourself on the back for genderforwardness, by shopping at Hanes.com.    .

What I’m waiting for is Business Casual Ungendered Work Slacks in which the waist fits and I don’t have to cut a foot of fabric off the bottom.  This will be a huge boon for my particular subgroup: short rectangular women with no perceivable waistline.  I wear men’s Levi’s, but that’s not an option for work slacks.

Sadly, fashion that actually fits short people is a step too far for even the most forward-thinking fashion house.

Also I have to make a word-nerd comment that will conclusively identify me as an old fart, but when did “drop” start meaning “add”?  I read the headline to mean Zara had a genderless clothing line, which they ultimately decided not to carry, and thus dropped it.

Source: Zara Drops a New Genderless Clothing Line | Complex