Hello world!

So yeah I’m starting a blog.  Hasn’t everyone?  As with basketball fandom and pedicures, I’m sort of late to the game.  Not sure it will go anywhere.  Thought it would be the right thing to do after years of  (1) formulating literally dozens of hilarious one-liners while walking the dogs, marveling at what great blog posts they’d be if only I had a blog, and promptly forgetting them; and (2) talking back to the television.

My goal is to achieve the perceptive commentary, tireless research skills, and overuse of the work “fuck” that would be produced if Dr. Frankenstein somehow merged Matt Taibbi and Dahlia Lithwick, and the resulting creature had a blog.

What an incredibly cool creature that would be, eh?

Well, here goes!

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Robin Bolduc

    Go Amy – now I can respond with equally witty words of wisdom without the work of creating my own blog.


  2. Amy Adams

    Love the new blog–must admit that mine is languishing, since all the kids are over on Facebook these days. But I love me some Dahlia Lithwick, and I love your “Real Defense of Marriage” acts. . . so I’m going to have to bookmark you too!


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