I really liked yesterday’s rallies, but if you didn’t, that’s ok too.

I realize the Rally to Restore Sanity has been criticized from the left (what’s the point?  all those folks should be getting out the vote) and right (this is really just a bunch of elitists counterprotesting Glen(n?) Beck (not sure how many ns; not willing to Google him.)). But I thought it was a great idea for the simple reason that while parties and elections come and go, we have to keep living together as Americans, and sometimes it’s just really really good to remember that there are lots of people who would rather have fun together than yell at each other.

I wasn’t there, but I’ve really enjoyed seeing photos both of the general atmosphere of letting your freak flag fly, and of the excellent signs.  My favs:

No more us vs. them.  We are all us.

I disagree with you but i’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler.

I’m a Muslim and I don’t hate you.

You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own spelling.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself and spiders.

Americans for the Responsible Use of Hitler Comparisons.

Paved roads are socialism.

The founding fathers were elitists (and American happened)

Education doesn’t make you elitist.  It makes you smartist.

He’s black.  Get over it.

8 years of silence and now you’re mad?

Real patriots can handle a difference of opinion.

Hyperbole is the greatest threat of all time!!!!

If God had wanted us to think, he would have given us brains.

Gay parents have a 0% abortion rate.

Where are the moderate Muslims?  Right here.

Stop teaching kids the theory of gravity.   It keeps them down.

And my absolute favorite:

2 thoughts on “I really liked yesterday’s rallies, but if you didn’t, that’s ok too.

  1. ramblingalongwithnora

    I watched Chris Matthews, Hard Ball, MSNBC, yesterday & his comment about the rally was excellent. Can’t even paraphrase it but he was talking about Stewart’s statement that these are “hard times, not end times”. The rally was fun, uplifting and hopeful. I so miss that.



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