Photographic tribute to my Dad

on what would have been his 75th birthday.  My Dad, Peter Robertson, passed in 1997.  I miss him every day, but am very blessed by his wonderful memory. . . and some hilarious photos. One of my father’s favorite expressions was, “life’s too short to take seriously.”   He truly lived by those words . . . .   the not-taking-seriously part and, unfortunately, the too-short part, too.  Herewith a random sample of fun and funny photos.

Dad and his father in front of the Wyoming cabin my Dad was born in.  I think my grandfather was trying to start a dude ranch at the time, so it’s not like they were pioneers.

Summer camp in 1951.

Law school graduation.

Dad, Mom and, um, me.

Rocking the shorts and black socks at Bruce’s 4th (?) birthday.

Going for the hippie look in the 70s.  (I think that lasted through one summer vacation; he was back to his nerd ‘do by the time he went back to the office.)

BYOM!  Dad at my college graduation dinner; also in the photo:  my mother’s parents, his father and Jennifer Glancy’s gorgeous red hair!

Traveling with me in China in around 1983.  Yes, I had a ‘fro. Yes, Dad traveled in rural China in his suit.

And boy did he know how to pack!   I can’t even imagine how he’d deal with the TSA.

Dad and Granddaddy at Dad’s house.  Note the washer/drying/filing system.

At Tim & my wedding – both of us all dressed up!

At our wedding – a goofy moment.

Meeting the President in 1996.

Dad and his grandson (my nephew) Christian at Christian’s second birthday party.

Dad and the orange plastic poodle. To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Photographic tribute to my Dad

    1. Blueloom

      Yes, indeed, that’s a Roberston tartan vest. Peter loved wearing Robertson tartan. He had the vest, at least one tie (probably two–dress tartan & hunting tartan), and scarves. When we visited Scotland as newlyweds, I was measured for a skirt, which we bought in the “old colors” (not as bright as contemporary colors; I think designed to mimic the vegetable dyes in use at the time tartans came back into usage in Scotland) and some yardage in the bright colors for me to work with. I still have the poncho/cape that I made with that yardage–sadly sporting a moth hole here & there.


      1. blueloom

        And, of course, I had to make a typo in the spelling of the name. Maybe I shouldn’t take to the keyboard so early in the morning.


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