Leaf carnage

We had a major hailstorm — along with a tornado warning that actually had us sheltering with the dogs in the approximately 10 square feet of the house not adjacent to a window — that left some significant leaf carnage in the back yard.

Image: concrete patio and pergola covered with wet, green leaves.

Image:  picnic table and chairs covered with wet, green leaves.

Still some hail in the lawn three hours later.

Image:  mulched area half-covered with small hailstones.

Denver in the summer!

Image: photo of women's feet with purple toenails in flip flops standing on green grass covered with hailstones.

5 thoughts on “Leaf carnage

  1. Jenny

    Once again thanks for offering evidence that Syracuse does not have the most miserable climate in the country (and ditto on the nail polish).


  2. Amy Robertson Post author

    Thanks for the toenail kudos! Denver’s climate is miserable in short bursts — like the 15 minutes we spent in the worst part of the storm sitting in the car in the driveway because I announced, “these storms always pass quickly; let’s wait it out.” “It” at that point being drizzle and light hail. But we timed the commute fairly well — a key intersection between office and home was under three feet of standing water about 10 minutes after we drove through it.



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