Why People Hate Lawyers: CLE on “Making Your Client Judgment-Proof”

Making Your Client Judgment-Proof CLE – Telephonic Seminar – Final Call for Savings – The Rossdale Group, LLC – A National Leader in Attorney Education.

this program will teach you everything you need to know about protecting your assets from plaintiffs and creditors. We’ll cover specific planning strategies and solutions, including planning with business entities, and domestic and foreign trusts, gifting and sale techniques. Specific emphasis will be placed on making clients appear judgment proof (i.e., no visible assets). Our distinguished seminar faculty will cover specific approaches and solutions, including the most effective tactics, best practices, and the cutting-edge strategies to best advantage your client.

You’ll learn various ways, from the very simply to the very sophisticated, to protect and hide specific assets common to all clients: houses, bank and brokerage accounts, rental real estate, businesses and professional practices and retirement plans. Course materials will serve as a treatise on asset protection as well as an exhaustive reference source for many of your planning needs and will outline and diagram the discussed planning techniques and structures. The nationally recognized instructors will share many real life case histories and anecdotes that will readily illustrate the effectiveness of various structures. Register today to learn the most effective strategies and latest law in asset protection with the titans.

Not The Onion.  I swear.


1 thought on “Why People Hate Lawyers: CLE on “Making Your Client Judgment-Proof”

  1. Henry Feldman

    I always get a kick out of the ways that where we (and our clients) sit will impact what sets off our slime detectors. Clearly, the way that this seminar is aimed at helping those toward the top manipulate their positions makes me cringe as well. Helping my clients on the bottom to become judgement proof was very important.

    Some of my favorite work was “negative estate planning,” to help my clients at the bottom of the heap keep what little they had or to become eligible for more benefits. One of my favorite cases involved a successful claim of exemption, which resulted in a county court order for a collection agency to return my client’s old pick up truck which they had snatched. No fonder memories than the call from the collection lawyer, telling me incredulously that the towing company that he had hired expected him to pay for the towing and storage.

    Henry Feldman



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