Centura Health Online Patient Portal Fail

After a recent round of back xrays, I signed up for access to Centura’s online patient portal.  Xrays, these days, are just datafiles.  The last time I got a set to take from one doctor to another, I picked it up on a CD.  As I jumped through the online hoops to set up my Centura account, I thought “cool! that thing where you fill out a release and physically pick up your records is a thing of the past!”

Instead, I clicked on “Medical Records” and got this:

Online medical records portal failure

It reads,

Medical Records:  If you’ve been a patient in one of our hospitals, you may download a copy of the medical records release form, complete it and fax it to the entity where you were admitted to request your medical record.

Why not just have the xrays copied by monks onto stone tablets and delivered by the pony express!*


*Yes, lots of anachronism there, but NONE SO MUCH AS THE REQUEST TO FAX THEM THE FORM.

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