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Bomb squad safely detonates device after police arrest man who threatened Muslims

Call it what it is:  terrorism.

RICHMOND — Members of a police department bomb squad safely detonated a possible explosive device at the house of a Richmond man arrested early today in connection with threats against the city’s Muslims.

Source: Richmond: Bomb squad safely detonates device after police arrest man who threatened Muslims –

Featured Philosop-her: Elizabeth Barnes

Fantastic post.  Can’t wait to read her book!

It’s a strange thing – an almost unnatural thing – to construct careful, analytically rigorous arguments for the value of your own life, or for the bare intelligibility of the claims made by an entire civil rights movement.

Source: Featured Philosop-her: Elizabeth Barnes

Trevor Noah Called Out GOP Hypocrisy on Planned Parenthood in His First Great TV Moment

“The point is, if pro-lifers would just redirect their power toward gun violence, the amount of lives they save could reach superhero levels,” Noah said. “They just need to have a superhero’s total dedication to life. Because right now they’re more like comic book collectors: Human life only holds value until you take it out of the package, and then it’s worth nothing.”

Source: Trevor Noah Called Out GOP Hypocrisy on Planned Parenthood in His First Great TV Moment

Photo of the Day #potd

As part of my resolve to get off my behind and walk more (note, not run, bike, hike, rollerblade, sprint, climb, or rappel) , I’m determined to take and post one decent photo each day, starting . . .  three days ago.

There has got to be an interesting story here.  {Image: computer monitor sitting on the street in an alley, the right side singed black by fire.}

Today’s photo.

{Image: close up of leaf with dew drop.}


In Without Sanctuary, historian Leon Litwack writes that between 1882 and 1968 an estimated 4,742 Blacks met their deaths at the hands of lynch mobs. The impact this campaign of terror had on black families is impossible to explain so many years later. That number contrasts with the 1,401 prisoners who have been executed legally in the United States since 1976. In modern terms, that number represents more than those killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and more than twice the number of American casualties in Operation Enduring Freedom — the Afghanistan conflict.

Turning to home, this number also represents 1,700 more than who were killed on 9/11.

via A Black Mississippi Judge’s Breathtaking Speech To Three White Murderers : Code Switch : NPR (emphasis added).

Why do mornings still get darker after the winter solstice?

BBC News – Why do mornings still get darker after the winter solstice?.

I’ve always wondered/grumbled about this; now I know.*

I’m declaring a new holiday called Nerd Solstice — or Nerdstice:  when the sun finally does start rising earlier.   The next Nerdstice is January 12, 2015.  I’m still working on proper celebratory rites — though I’m certain it will involve coffee — and of course on insisting that everyone else wish me a Happy Nerdstice.


* Read the article.  I don’t really “know” it in the sense that I can re-explain it.  I “know” it in the sense that I read an article about it that more or less made sense while I was reading it.

Yet another photo dump

That periodic post in which I gather all the photos since the last dump that are entertaining but not really worth an entire post.

Targeted email fail?  Or maybe very accurate, based on the pallets of manure I have to lift in responding to opposing counsel!

Image:  an email from "Forklift Deals," with the re: line "Bid forklifts for sale now."  The body has a photo of a forklift with the text, "Save Big Bucks on Used Forklifts."

When dudebros hit the farmer’s market.

Image: Jar with label "Miso Horny."

Two from the “glad we cleared that up” department, starting with the helpful MS Word gnomes:

Image:  snip from MS Word's print menu including an icon of a printer, and a box called "Setting" which says "Print all pages" and below that, "The whole thing."  Off to the side, I have inserted a text box with an arrow saying "Glad we cleared that up!"

and Weather Underground:

Image:  snip from a weather app, that says 2.7 degrees F; feels like 3 degrees F.

I saw a link in Lifehacker to a logo generator, and thought I’d give it a try for CREEC.  Our full name is too long, so I typed in the abbreviation and the description “civil rights non-profit.”  I wonder what they think we’re up to?   But it is sort of badass!

Image:  the word "CREEC" with a pair of rifles cross above it.

The next two are Signs You Know You’re Not Inside The Beltway Anymore, Toto.  From the National Western Complex where the DeafNation expo took place this year:

Image:  Sign affixed to a cinderblock wall that reads, "WARNING  Under Colorado law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to Section 13-21-119 Colorado Revised Statutes. "

This one is posted along the alley a block south of our house, in residential Denver.  But you just never know when you’ll need a cattle raiser, and now I know where to find one!

Image:  Wooden fence with a sign reading "Member Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Ass'n Inc.  POSTED.

I have no clue what moustache swag is but I have no doubt it can lead to good times!

Image: large commercial sign reading "hair cuts.  hair products.  moustache swag. hair curios. good times."

From the silent auction of a local criminal justice reform non-profit. Very cozy!

Image:  photo of a sign reading, "A cold night in:  Cold, cozy nights, warm blankets, hot chocolate, and Angela Davis.  Contents:  "Are Prisons Obsolete?" written and signed by Angela Davis; hot cocoa mix; 2 mugs; marshmallows; cocomotion hot cocoa maker; 2 table candles; soft throw blanket.

Next, a couple of law nerd items.  Who knew there was a reference book for zingers . . .

Image:  Advertisement for a law book with the tag line, "Need a Zinger for Court?"  The book is called  "Uncle Anthony's Unabridged Analogies."

. . . and that standing could be as simple as buying the right clothes:

Image:  A man and a woman in a clothing ad with the legend, Kenneth Cole:  Improve your Standing.  Shop our modern clothing, shoes and accessories.

Finally, I have very very bad stapler karma.  Do staplers fail for other people at a rate over 50%?  This was one recent attempt:

Image:  close up photo of 3 or 4 badly mangled staples all attempting to occupy the same staple-space in the corner of a document.