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Dad’s Birthday

Thinking of my Dad on what would have been his 78th birthday.  Image:  Black and white photo from about 1962 of man in his 20s  in a white shirt and dark pants who has tossed a toddler into the air about two feet over his head.  His hands reach up to her, while her hands are at her mouth giggling.

You always lifted me up!  Miss you every day.

In honor of father’s day

I drove from Boston to Portland (almost) without directions, got lost, swore, got back on Rte 1A, and applied suntan lotion by pouring it on the dashboard and then daubing it on my face.

Also so glad I get to spend the weekend with his brother (my uncle) and his family — for my awesome cousin’s wedding shower.  He’d be so proud, Carey!!


Miss you, Dad!