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Happy [Grand] [Step] Fathers’ [-in-law] Day!

With love and appreciation for all that they taught me and the ways they enriched my life, and sadness for those no longer with us.

Dad in Beijing in 1981.

Image: Caucasian man standing in Tien An Men Square in Beijing in front of the iconic building from the Forbidden City with a giant portrait of Mao Tse Tung.

Grandfather Clarence Blau (and his granddaughter) in 1992.

Image: photo of an older white many in a linen jacket and open colar white shirt and a white woman in her 30s with short dark hair also wearing a linen shirt.

Grandfather Clen Robertson with brother Bruce Robertson at Bruce’s college graduation in 1984.

Image:  An older white man in a suit and tie who is wearing a graduation mortar board.  Standing next to him is a younger white man in a graduation cap and gown wearing the older man's fedora.

Step-father David North on the occasion of his 85th birthday earlier this year with my Mom doing one of their favorite things:  exploring an interesting new restaurant.

Image:  older white couple.  Woman on the left wearing a plaid scarf; man in the right with a full white beard and wire-framed glasses.


Father-in-law Denver Fox this past Easter, which we celebrated in the traditional fashion of being the least hip people at the Denver Biscuit Company.  (Thus the cigarette machine in the photo relates to DBC’s hipster status and not to any bad habits of my father-in-law.)

Image:  photo of older white man in a blue fleece and yellow shirt; his glasses are hooked over the neck of the fleece.

Extra bonus dad:  my brother Bruce with my niece.

Image:  white man in his 40s wearing sunglasses, a sports coat and an open-collar shirt; next to him is a white girl with long light brown hair.

I am so very blessed.


Dad’s Birthday

Thinking of my Dad on what would have been his 78th birthday.  Image:  Black and white photo from about 1962 of man in his 20s  in a white shirt and dark pants who has tossed a toddler into the air about two feet over his head.  His hands reach up to her, while her hands are at her mouth giggling.

You always lifted me up!  Miss you every day.