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Weaver’s Badass Automotive

We have the immense good fortune to live two blocks from an excellent mechanic.  I never thought of it before we moved in, but this is the sort of thing that should feature on real estate ads.  Close to schools?  Shops?  Restaurants?  Who cares!  You can drive there.  Nothing beats the ability to drop your car at the mechanic and walk home.

But Weaver’s Automotive and U-Haul is cool for many other reasons, including the fact that Tom Weaver has, on many occasions, examined some perceived problem in my car and returned it to me with the reassurance that nothing is wrong.  What’s more, he has somehow managed to do this without making me feel like the automotive incompetent that I truly am.  He has, from time to time, walked over (or sent someone over) to our house to rescue me from my automotive incompetence.  I’m confident that the 1988 Honda got many more years of life from living two blocks from Weaver’s.

But I’m blogging this today because

Image:  Man standing in front of a gas station door, wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt.  The man is white with brown hair and a goatee.

this is how Tom is dressed, every workday I’ve ever seen him, including our Wednesday morning dog-walk when it was several degrees below zero.  (This photo is a dramatic re-enactment, as I didn’t have my camera with me on Tuesday.   It was taken on Friday morning, when it was a balmy 20.)  For the record, I was in triple-layers, including snow pants, and even Saguaro was wearing boots.  But there was Tom, working around the U-Haul trucks on site, in his trademark shorts.

So if you live near DU and need a good mechanic — or need your U hauled — definitely check out Weaver’s Badass* Automotive.


* WordPress’s spell check still doesn’t think this is a word.  After blogging with me for three and a half years, you’d think it would have learned.