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Imagine for a moment . . .

. . . that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) published a photo of Donald Trump with a scattering of bullets next to his head.  How about a Black Lives Matter tweet with photos of police and bullets?  Heads would explode.  Pundits would rant.  Investigations would be launched.  Conservatives would be outraged.

But this?  It’s apparently acceptable for a leading conservative cause to use this image:

Image: copy of tweet from NRA with showing photos of a black woman in a red-checked suit jacket and a white woman in a green turtle-neck and black suit jacket with four bullets arrayed next to the photos.  Text reads:  "sounding off on one of the most ridiculous anti-gun schemes introduced in some time.

Why isn’t this terrorism?  If terrorism is “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims,” this certainly qualifies.  Violent intimidation in pursuit of political aims.  The only silver lining is that they are losing and this shows their desperation.

One of these is not like the other.

Apparently it’s OK to shoot your sibling or get plastered and shoot your hunting buddy, but not to have a curious and experimental mind.  (I did enjoy the “category” assigned the first article by the Miami New Times.)


Florida science experiment



Gun tragic accident



turkey camp shooting



my first rifle

my first rifle 2

Another factor at work in Newtown: unbridled selfishness

I think this is the scariest and most infuriating article I’ve read so far:  In Town at Ease With Its Firearms, Tightening Gun Rules Was Resisted.  It tells of the evolution of Newtown from a partially rural area in which some folks enjoyed owning and using guns for hunting or sport, to a place where a folks with assault weapons were are waking, disturbing, and terrifying their own neighbors with semiautomatic gunfire and exploding targets.  That’s right – exploding targets.

Gun enthusiasts here, as elsewhere in the country, have taken to loading their targets with an explosive called Tannerite, which detonates when bullets strike it, sending shock waves afield.

Doesn’t improve your aim or better prepare you for the zombie apocalypse.  It’s just fuckin cool.

[A] police commission member, who is a lawyer, said he wrote [a] new ordinance, which would have imposed additional constraints on shooting, including limited hours, and a requirement that any target shooting range, and the firearms that would be used there, be approved by the chief of police to make sure they were safe. This was no liberal putsch, [he] said; three of the five commission members are Republicans, and two members are police officers.

Of course, the new ordinance was voted down.  This isn’t Second Amendment Rights vs. Creeping Socialism; it’s peace and quiet and neighborly consideration vs. unbridled selfishness.   One shooting range owner explained,

The explosions [the] neighbors hear are targets that are legally available at hunting outlets. “If you’re good old boys like we are, they are exciting,” he said.

I’m guessing loud music and barking dogs are more closely regulated than exploding targets.  Selfish, selfish bastards.