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Train in the sunrise #potd

Driving down I-25 to Cañon City, stopped so  . . .

Image: flat brown landscape with train in the middle distance lit up bright yellow in the sunlight.

. . .  both Laura and I could photograph the train.

Image: same scene as above framed by a car window with the rearview mirror and a person's hand holding an iphone pointed at the train.

Vegas at Sunrise

The views from  our hotel at sunrise:

{Image:  orange sunrise with the silhouette of a building in the lower left-hand corner of the photo.}


{Image:  mountains and sunrise reflected in the windows of a highrise building.}


{Image:  sunrise over the mountains, but in the foreground, a busy airport runway and the neon "6" of a Motel 6 sign.}


And we really enjoyed a small oasis of beautiful music amidst the mayhem.


{A female cellist with cello and a male violinist with violin on a pedestrian bridge over a street in Las Vegas; the background full of neon signs and traffic.}

Yes, we tipped them, both for the music and for the photo opportunity.