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Photos of the day #potd

Trying to stick with this this year.  My other resolution is to procrastinate less, so aaahahahahahahahahahahaaaa *snort*  we’ll see how that goes.  Anyhoo, photos for days 1, 2 & 3 of 2016.

1/1/2016:  Yeti Feet!  (Barbered soon thereafter.)

Image: golden retreiver dog's paw with much long hair sprouting through her toes.

1/2/2016:  Dumplingpalooza!

Image: close up of a pair of hands making dumplings next to a silver bowl of stuffing and a bamboo steamer of completed dumplings.  Can see that the person is wearing a Wonder Woman logo shirt.

1/3/2016:  Random photo of orange piping.

Image:  Close up of bright orange piping arrayed vertically in the photo.

Our officehood. #potd

CREEC’s office is in a very hopping neighborhood, full of galleries, head shops, tattoo parlors, restaurants, etc.  I loved this sign from a door a few blocks up.  Thinking of painting it on the wall of our conference room.

Image: Store window with painted text that reads, "No lowballers; no drunks; no crybabies or crying babies; no credit; no drama; no hangin' out; no soliciting."

I loved the multi-eyed beast painted on this store window, and didn’t notice until I looked at the photo on my laptop that, with the reflection, it appears to be my own head.

Image: painting on store window of goat-like creature with multiple eyes who appears superimposed on a reflection of the photographer's body.

This one is self explanatory.

Image: a utility box with graffiti that reads, "Duh."

3 reflections of the Mayan Theater. #potd

I had to go back to the office for a bit this evening.  As I was walking out, I noticed the reflection of the Mayan Theater sign in windows of the empty building across the street, then — below — on a car as I walked away down the street.

Train in the sunrise #potd

Driving down I-25 to Cañon City, stopped so  . . .

Image: flat brown landscape with train in the middle distance lit up bright yellow in the sunlight.

. . .  both Laura and I could photograph the train.

Image: same scene as above framed by a car window with the rearview mirror and a person's hand holding an iphone pointed at the train.

Walking on a dewy overcast morning. #potd

Image:  wet dog footprint on slate flagstone.


Also this one from a few days ago.  Forgot to post.

Image: thin stalk with four small leaves casting a sharp shadow against a stucco wall.

Deer Lodge, MT #potd

{Image:  section of the front of an old brick building, painted in high-gloss beige paint contrasted with the roof, painted in a maroon matte.}

This photo is a study in contrasts:  the contrast of the beige gloss paint and the darker matte paint, but also that a building so beautiful is in the town that houses the Montana State Prison.  The morning light in Montana makes everything look amazing.

Moo! #potd

{Image:  cow in a misty field, head turned to the camera.  The cow is black with a black and white face.}

Yup – still in Montana!  (Wish I’d gotten the exposure better, or taken an HDR series, but had to stop on the shoulder of the highway to take this.)